31 March 2011

The Wild Geese Salutes Elizabeth Taylor

The passing of Elizabeth Taylor on 23rd March had a profound effect on the world. One of the greatest screen actresses of Hollywood's Golden Era, Elizabeth Taylor defined a whole generation of celebrity and was as famous for her extravagant lifestyle as she was for her on screen talent. Celebrities and fans mourned her passing last week and continue to express messages of both sympathy and celebration of her career in the public eye.

Joan Collins showed her everlasting admiration: 'Elizabeth was the last of the true Hollywood icons, a great beauty, a great actress'

Her funeral took place away from the public eye, where close friends and family gathered. It was recently revealed that amongst the congregation was Colin Farrell, who maintained a close friendship with Elizabeth Taylor. The Irish actor read out a poem, which Taylor had hand picked for him - The Leaden Echo and the Golden Echo by Gerald Manely Hopkins.

'Elizabeth chose it. It was a tricky poem as well. Even in passing she had me under the thumb' Farrell explained to Hollywood Access.

Elizabeth admitted that she had unique approach to men. 'I'm a man's woman. I get along with women too. But I sashay up to a man; I walk up to a woman'

'I had a ball. My relationships were great and fascinating and exciting'

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