20 April 2011

Passion Has No Limits

Kurt Amsler  regularly dives into the unknown and tackles risk and danger in order to photograph something original and spectacular. With over 40 years experience culminating in 30,000 dives, the Swiss photographer also dives under thick ice, in sub zero temperatures.

The risk to divers is much greater when diving under the ice - 'It's much, much darker under the ice, so you need a torch to see where you are going and to follow the buddy line' Amsler outlines, emphasising the risk involved in the pursuit of his art.

'The reason I do all this and risk my life is for the pictures'

Amsler surfaces with unique images that people do not get the opportunity to see. The photographs are extremely striking, and combined with the innate risk involved are very different way to view the world. Somehow, Amsler illuminates the cold bleakness of the ice, and portrays something almost alien. 

This Man of Action has pursued this interest even when obvious barriers were in front of him. Living in landlocked Switzerland, opportunities for underwater photography were very limited. 'I read this book called Amongst Corals and Sharks, and from that moment on everything revolved around diving... We climbed, my schoolfriend and I, into Lake Zurich with home-made equipment'. He received encouragement from his photographer father who agreed 'There must be something special to see down there... something that possesses enormous attraction'. 

A true example that passion has not limits

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