4 May 2011

Expression rather than Rebellion

To unveil its Spring/Summer 2011 collection, fashion house Yves Saint Laurent commissioned the short film 'No Way Back' to further explain head designer Stefano Pilati's vision. This short film, directed by Dutch photographer Ari Marcopoulos, is a very impressive and inspirational production in itself.

No Way Back follows Hollywood tattoo artist Mark Mahoney. It documents Mahoney's stylistic tattooing, and offers a fresh feel to tattoos as art - as expressions, rather than rebellions. Mark explains that, although he would spend most of his spare time drawing, his art teacher discouraged him from pursuing this passion. This only drove Mahoney to find his own art form, and soon integrated himself with tattooing. 

Staying true to his hopes and convictions, Mark is now considered one of the founding fathers of the art. His perseverance is reminiscent of the actions of The Wild Geese, who continued to maintain their hope of returning home. Like Mahoney, their dream of freedom took many different turns, and they found themselves influencing many different communities - just as Mahoney has found an unconventional method of artistic expression. 

Interestingly, Mahoney considers his art as a type of relationship. Talking to Low Rider Arte, Mahoney comments: 'tattooing to me is an art for the people... it isn't this far away gallery or some mystifying thing that nobody can relate to'. As a form of expression, tattoos have become a very powerful way to display a sense of identity. For The Wild Geese's 'Untamed' tattoo, this is also a method of remembrance - of celebration - of the incredible feats The Wild Geese have achieved. 

Mark Mahoney expresses his art on David Beckham earlier this year
Mark's tattoos are a partnership between himself and the client, 'without their idea... there would be no canvas for any work to be done'. The words also perfectly adhere to the inspiration behind The Wild Geese - without their powerful story, their mesmerising journeys, there would be no award winning brand. 

'With each new generation, there is a new legacy. Raise your glass, remember them'

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