7 July 2011

Cashier No. 9

One group that passed through the Oh Yeah Music Centre was Cashier No. 9. The psychedelic pop band is guitarist Danny Todd's second venture, formed in Belfast and the group has been 'innovative and different as anything that's come from the city'.

The band was featured on the album 'Oh Yeah Sessions', the programme's first collection of artists, released in 2008. Since then, Cashier No. 9 'have been making some waves, representing Belfast at London's Electric Proms, performing at New York's Knitting Factory and Brighton's Great Escape' (The Guardian).

Cashier No. 9 have recently released their album 'To The Death of Fun', which is receiving impressive reactions already. The band have said 'it's good to finally get it out there' after spending a year working on it and selecting the right tracks. But it's also really encouraging to see Irish culture still touching different parts of the globe, and offering enticing music for people to discover. The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey celebrates this, and is keen to help spread the word:

You can also listen to an interview with the band on BBC Radio 6 where they give some insight into the production of their album. 

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