14 July 2011

Strong Plea at Oxegen

Every now and then a band gets a big break - an opportunity to showcase their talents on a global stage - and like The Wild Geese suddenly find themselves in a sink or swim situation. Last weekend at Oxegen, Inishowen band The Plea certainly didn't sink and have had people talking about their 'meteoric rise from nowhere'

Brothers Denny and Dermot Doherty formed the band after performing to small audiences in London and Boston, and recording an unreleased album in Minnesota. Upon returning to their hometown Ballyliffin, they joined drummer Gerry Strawbridge and bassist Paul Toland, forming The Plea

The band quickly started to share their original songs on MySpace, and collected fans who were in search of something new for their iPods. This foundation opened up opportunities to regularly play local gigs, including the DylanFest in Lough. 

Last Friday night, they performed on the Vodafone Stage at Oxegen and made a resounding impact, marking a very important chapter in their inspirational journey. Their hard work and dedication have brought them very far in a short amount of time. But its really encouraging to think that The Plea are only just getting started. One Inishowen local said:

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