9 September 2011

Men of Courage

This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Taking some time to remember this event is extremely important, as this single event has shaped the world today.

2,996 lives were lost on 11th September 2001 and over 6,000 people were injured. The aftermath has been mix of anger and sadness, tragedy and reflection; and in the discourse this event has seen many villains come to light. But there have also been heroes - those who have strived to help and establish peace once again.

9/11 in effect took place in the public eye. In the age of digital media and 24 hour news networks, it felt like every second was captured. The dramatic images of the smoking World Trade Centre have certainly shocked the 21st Century. But juxtaposed to this were the images of the survivors and emergency services offered a flicker of hope amongst such chaos.

The emergency services were extraordinary. They worked around the clock to save lives and attend to the injured, displaying remarkable bravery.

Since 9/11 countless stories have emerged giving even further insight into the events of that day. One has been posted on The Telegraph's website:

Bob Beckwith was a retired New York Fireman. At the time, he was 69, but after seeing the devastation on TV, he decided that he had to do something.

Although sometimes it can be hard to see the glimmer of hope that exists in such a crisis, 10 years on, as the dust has cleared, it is the heroes of 9/11 we are thinking of, as well as those who lost their lives. If anything can be learned from 9/11, it's that compassion has not been eradicated and is perhaps stronger than ever.  

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