12 January 2012

Irish Talent: Best Actor at the 'Irish Oscars'

As the Oscars approach, everyone is starting to talk about the awards season. This is a time of year to reflect on the film and television talent that are keeping the industry alive and kicking.

Entering its 9th annual ceremony, the Irish Film and Television Academy will be celebrating a wealth of Irish talent, which is continuing to flourish each year.

Similar to the prestigious Oscars, the IFTA help to support the ever expanding entertainment industry. Their goal is 'the stimulation of the original and creative production work, and the encouragement of excellence through recognition, education and leadership in film and television'.

Some of the nominees include:

Michael Fassbender 
For his role in the critically acclaimed Shame

Brendan Gleeson
For his role in The Guard

CiarĂ¡n Hinds
For is role in Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy

Martin Sheen
For his role in Stella Days

These awards are testament to ongoing achievements of Wild Geese throughout the world. Talent as strong as this not only entertains us, but brings lucrative stories to our culture and we're very excited to see who will win this year. The awards ceremony will take place on 11th February

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