27 February 2012

Giving a Voice to the Voiceless: Remembering Marie Colvin

Marie Colvin 
12 January 1956 - 22 February 2012

Today we honour the courageous Marie Colvin, a front line journalist who was impassioned to bring truth to readers around the world. She was recently killed while reporting on the crisis in Syria when her building was bombed. She died alongside French photographer R√©mi Ochlik, who was on hand to document images of the conflict. 

No stranger to the intense demands of the front line, Marie placed herself in incredible to danger in order to fulfil a personal goal of hers. In 2001, while reporting on the conflict between government forces and rebel Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, Marie lost the sight in her left eye following an attack.

This was a time for her to reflect on the choices she was making. Undeterred, she continued to commit herself to her life's work.

For Marie, conflict was a human story, rather than a political or religious one. And it had human consequences.

Although her words resonated across the world, and her style became synonymous with the truth, Marie was someone who took action. Fearless and heroic, she judged the impact of conflict on innocents to be unfair. In 1999, while reporting in East Timor, she refused to leave a besieged compound which was being attacked by Indonesian-backed forces. The compound had 1,500 women and children inside - innocents who could not be ignored. Marie stayed with an unarmed UN force, and reported her experiences to the world. With the global community watching the events unfold, she was able to help secure evacuation of all 1,500 people after a tumultuous four days.

We jon the international community in remembering and celebrating her life.

Lord Justice Leveson said:

Her friend and fellow journalist Jim Muir wrote:

We thank her for humanising the news. We remember for her courage. We celebrate her for her action.

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