15 February 2012

Men of Action: 'All In' At The Super Bowl

The confetti has settled, but after their 21-17 victory against the New England Patriots, the New York Giants have been reflecting on their turbulent season which ending in their second Super Bowl win.

MVP Eli Manning with the Lombardi Trophy
On Tuesday 7th February the team celebrated their win with parade through New York City, ending at City Hall where Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave them the keys to the city.

- Michael Bloomberg

The parade began at Battery Park and passed along the
Canyon of Heroes, ending at City Hall
The key to the Giants' progression this season has been two of the traits The Wild Geese used to survive and succeed - Team work and Commitment.


As they left Ireland, The Wild Geese were forced to depend on each other and this St Patrick's Day we will be celebrating the extraordinary successes that can be achieved when, like The Wild Geese and the Giants, people work together. 

The Giants exemplify commitment and team work, and their coach Tom Coughlin is an important part of this. Coughlin has previously been viewed with mixed feelings. For some he was a 1950s style drill sergeant who had lost touch with the modern day NFC and NFL leagues. But this season he has disproved this, and on the contrary, has brought these key features to the forefront of his team. Jeff Freier writes, 'He's filled with class, dignity, ethics and morals. He's a gracious loser and is just as gracious when winning'

Coughlin abandons all self satisfaction when it comes to the football field: 'I try to never put it in perspective for me. It's not about me. It's about our team'. But is quick to praise his team, who pulled together to get the ultimate result.

Coach Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning on the
 parade bus, celebrating with Giants fans

With the sense of team work sown into them, the Giants just needed something to reach for and dared to dream about winning their second Super Bowl title. It was their commitment that propelled them to victory. MVP Eli Manning outlines the Giants' mindset:

Coughlin shares this sentiment. It's important to stay committed to what you want to achieve. 

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