6 February 2012

Men of Action: New York Giants Victory at Super Bowl XLVI

The New York Giants proved that history does indeed repeat itself this past Sunday, when they ended this year's Super Bowl with a victory over the New England Patriots.

Giants 21 - 17 Patriots 

The game's MVP - Eli Manning - gave a flawless performance, which 'approached perfection' and saw a final quarter that secured the Giants' second Super Bowl win against the Patriots. 

But this was a team game, as the MVP points out:

Another reminder of how important team work is. But a team also needs a strong leader. Irish American Giants' coach, Tom Coughlin brought the team together Saturday night. He showed them a highlight reel of their season so far, and inspired them with a rousing speech, which got the team all fired up for their showdown on Sunday. 

- Justin Tuck, No. 91, Defensive End, Giants

His speech was one that could have come straight from 1691, and could be directed at The Wild Geese. Coughlin says:

This message is timeless, and this past weekend, propelled the Giants to victory once again. 

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