25 April 2012

Men of Action: Getting Up and Carrying On

What do you see when you walk out of your front door?

The same street?

Danny MacAskill doesn't. He sees a canvas, an experiment. A chance to develop his skills and do the unimaginable.

Danny is a trails cyclist and this year has been celebrated for changing the way a street trials rider can define how we view urban landscapes by National Geographic.

Two years ago Danny released a video on Youtube that showed him performing different stunts around Edinburgh, Scotland. This went viral and quickly propelled Danny to a trials icon.

Since then, he's been featured in music videos and TV commercials. Last summer, he released a short film  called Industrial Revolutions, in which he performs stunts around an abandoned Scottish iron works. This received television coverage in the UK and inspired the National Geographic honour.

Danny's story is more than one of success. His skill is part of his identity.

But this isn't risk free. Danny accepts that bumps and grazes, and even serious injury are a part of the package.

You can se in his videos that he isn't afraid to fall of his bike, and when he does he simply gets up and back on it. He does this because of the passion that runs through his veins.

We can relate to this. The Wild Geese faced many difficult trials. But their raw passion made sure that they carried on. They didn't relent and achieved some remarkable feats.

Danny MacAskill - a very inspiring Man of Action. We thought you should see what he can do yourselves, so we've posted his first video below - we're nice like that. It's hard to choose a favourite part, but 2:21 and 3:06 are mind-blowing.

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