3 May 2012

Men of Action: 'You Just Have To Keep Going'

In July 2010, Olympic rower James Cracknell attempted to run, swim, row and cycle across America, from Los Angeles to New York.

But on reaching Arizona, James suffered a tragic road accident in which he damaged his frontal lobe.

James had always been active, had always been adventurous, had always been a Man of Action. He's won two Olympic Gold Medals (at the 2000 and 2004 events) for Coxless Four rowing, as well as 6 World Championship Golds. And he wasn't going to let his accident stop him, or even slow him down. Like The Wild Geese, James fought through his difficulties and is now inspiring television audiences to explore the world around them.

His latest television series World's Toughest Expeditions has started on the Discovery Channel. In this series James emulates some of the greatest adventures from the past.

He describes the show as: 'The toughest moments of the toughest expeditions taken by some of history's toughest explorers'.

In his latest episode, he retraced the steps of Dr David Livingstone and travelled down the Zambezi River towards Victoria Falls.

Despite the challenges, which included coming dangerously close to a group of hippopotamuses, James's outlook is akin to that of The Wild Geese:

'You just have to keep going, you can't sit down and mope or curl up - it would just extend the misery'

Not used to quitting, The Wild Geese travelled to Europe when they had to leave their homeland and fought for the principals that they wholeheartedly believed in.

Just like James. Last month he also ran the London Marathon. He aimed to run it three hours, but wasn't too sure how his injury would effect his speed. But when it came down to it, he didn't let it effect his speed, and finished the Marathon in under three hours!

What we love about James is his sheer determination. This is what our brand celebrates. James isn't a quitter, just like The Wild Geese.

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