14 April 2011

Inspiration from 'World's Most Beautiful Woman'

This week Jennifer Lopez has been dubbed 'The World's Most Beautiful Woman' by the celebrity news hub People'e Magazine, which the American Idol producers picked up on. On Wednesday night, American Idol surprised Lopez with their own tribute, to which she tried to hide her face from cameras and 'put her head in her hands as the studio flashed up this week's People magazine cover'. But does Lopez have anything to be embarrassed about? At The Wild Geese we think not.

Jennifer Lopez has worked hard to achieve her numerous successes. She has a rich ancestry, with both parents being born in Puerto Rico. Lopez is incredibly proud of her roots and last year was the guest at the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York last summer. 'It always makes me feel incredibly proud to be Puerto Rican... it's an amazing day' she said about the event.

She has certainly made a name for herself in the showbiz world. As both an actress and popstar, she has tasted success - climbing straight to number one in the pop charts and receiving multiple awards. 

Jennifer Lopez on American Idol 
As an inspiration to an entire generation, she is now helping others to achieve their own successes on American Idol. A well-known personality, we don't think Ms Lopez has anything to be embarrassed about.

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