14 April 2011

The Wild Geese Tasting in Dublin

We flew to Ireland on Tuesday, touching down at Dublin airport just in time to attend an event at the capital’s Residence Club, where The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey Collection had gathered for an informal tasting. The event was hosted by The Decent Cigar Emporium and our Collection was invited along as the perfect accompaniment to the evening.

The route to The Residence Club took us through Dublin’s centre, and the view crossing the Liffey on the historic Penny Bridge was memorable. Resting on the river was the 19th century ship Jeanie Johnston, which carried Irish emigrants to Canada during widespread famine in Ireland between 1847 and 1855. It reminded us of the widespread Irish immigration across the world, dating back to where the story of The Wild Geese began in 1691 and made us think of the numerous Wild Geese who had migrated from Dublin over the centuries.

Modern architecture regularly clashed with nineteenth century buildings, a reminder of both the rich history of the city and its dynamic development. The city’s vibrancy was obvious and rested in a hub of positive and welcoming attitude.

We found The Residence Club at 41 St. Stephen’s Green, inside a striking townhouse which echoed a late nineteenth century Dublin. Nestled just outside of the city centre, The Residence Club offered an intimate setting and the perfect environment to mingle with patrons. Conversation was rife about the relaxing smoking laws, as patrons gathered outside on the roof terrace. Luckily the weather was warm, and the log fires that illuminated the terrace were reminiscent of a Mediterranean summer’s night.

Expert, but casual tasting guides were on offer, where people could learn about the subtleties of our products. Its always superb to hear feedback from people on a one-to-one basis. For some, tasting The Collection was a first time experience, with one woman adamant that her father (‘the ultimate judge’) must try the whiskeys. Others were already familiar with The Wild Geese and indulged in it regularly.

One of the best parts of the evening was working with the crowd from The Decent Cigar Emporium, who were as keen to learn about The Wild Geese as we were to learn how to light a perfect cigar. 

'A very good whiskey!'

'Really lovely, The Single Malt is great!'

'I'm a really big fan of whiskey, and this is definitely an excellent Irish Whiskey'

'Easy going down on the palette'
'Very nice and Mellow'

'Really Gorgeous'

'Very nice, delicious... definitely need to recommend this to my father'

The team at The Wild Geese Irish Whiskey would like to show our gratitude to Marie Chawke and all the staff at The Residence Club for hosting a very enjoyable evening and offer a very warm Thank You to all who attended the event and tried our Collection, particularly Katherine Lucy, Ian Pepper and Aiden Doyle. 

Also a huge thank you to Nathan, Paul and all the staff at The Decent Cigar Emporium. We hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we did. 

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