24 January 2012

Irish Talent: Two Door Cinema Club Announce New Album

Two Door Cinema Club have revealed they are working on a new album.

The Co. Down group first formed in 2007, and released their debut album, 'Tourist History' last year. The brought them huge success over 2011. With an ever-growing fan base they took to the stage at many festivals over the summer, not just in the UK and Ireland, but in North America as well. For many people all over the world, Two Door Cinema Club was the sound of the summer.

The band have channeled in some hip-hop influences into their upcoming album, which is expected to be released just in time for summer 2012. Alex Trimble, the band's singer suggested: 'All of us have been listening to quite a lot of hip-hop, the last year'.

But the band haven't abandoned their electro pop sound entirely, and this new project is much more about marrying the two styles. Alex continues: 'The hip-hop stuff is mostly in the drumbeats and basslines'

Its exciting to hear news of the evolution of the band. The Wild Geese kept their strong identity as they traversed the world, which is exactly what Two Door Cinema Club are doing.  

Two Door Cinema Club doesn't stand still. While working on their new album, they have also announced they will be headlining the 12-date NME Awards tour taking place throughout February. 

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