25 January 2012

Men of Action: Walking 2,500 miles across America

Adventure is a substantial part of the story of The Wild Geese. Although The Wild Geese showed courage in the face of tremendous adversity, they also displayed a thirst for adventure. This took them to new frontiers. It presented them with new experiences.

This is exactly what prompted a St. Louis, Missouri native to walk 2,500 miles across the USA. Anthony Lambing set off from Charleston, South Carolina on the 8th August 2011 and ended his walk a few days ago in Del Mar, California on 20th January 2012. This five month trek was a call to adventure, to quench the 26 year-old's thirst to see something new.

Anthony's route, from Charleston, South Carolina (A) to Del Mar, California (B)
Lambing explained the genesis of this trek: 'The idea of travelling across America crossed my mind, and I just couldn't get it out of my head'.

One of the highlights of Lambing's trip was the generosity he came across when passing through towns and cities. Although he mostly camped or stayed with friends, every now and then the kindness of a local community was extended to him. 

Anthony kept a record of his travels on his blog www.anthonywalksamerica.com so he could share his experience with his followers, including his mother who 'knew this was something he really wanted to do'

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