29 March 2012

Men of Action: European Adventurer of the Year on the Search to Continue Conservation Work

It has been announced this month that Ed Stafford, a modern day adventure and Man of Action has joined the search for the next generation of environmental reporting. 

Working with Together for Trees, a partnership that works to conserve the world's rain forests, the competition seeks a new rainforest reporter who can highlight issues of conservation. 

Ed was named the European Adventurer of the Year in 2011 by the National Geographic Society, after spending two and half years in the Amazon region. This expedition, which he started in April 2008, lead him along the Amazon river, from its source to the Brazilian coast, where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. During this time, he raised awareness of the threats to rainforest environments and 

He's an ideal candidate to judge this competition:

There are few people who know these environments quite like Ed. He walked the 4000 mile length of the Amazon river in 859 days, which is an astonishing feat. 

Even before he set off, most people had already written the former army captain off. Many critics said Ed would likely die on the trek or be forced to abandon it.  

But he marched through dangerous animals, harsh terrain, and local indigenous people, many of which had never seen a westerner before.

Ed and his guide, a Peruvian forestry worker named Gadiel 'Cho' Rivera, were detained, threatened and chased by some of the local communities.

But one tribe's chief agreed to travel with them across their native lands. 

Ed and Cho on their journey
The high and low points all culminated in a tremendous adventure. Spurred on by the thought of becoming the first man to achieve this feat and his undying passion for protecting rainforest environments, Ed reached the end in August 2010. 

This positive energy will be a key component in judging Together For Trees' competition. We're really looking forward to his next expedition, which he had planned to start in 2012. 

For more information about the Together For Trees competition, visit www.tesco.com/trees

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