2 April 2012

Remembering Davy Crockett, Irish Hero and Man of Action

Our latest trip to San Antonio, Texas has been proof that Irish communities thrive all over the world. Like The Wild Geese, these communities dream of one day returning to Ireland. 

Some of the people we met over the St. Patrick's Day weekend in San Antonio are planning to travel to visit Ireland. To this, they need to travel over 4000 miles and make 3 different flight connections. But the draw of 'home' is enough to get them there. 

Forty men of Irish descent died at The Battle of The Alamo, who fought for freedom and liberty. With these men was Davy Crockett, the courageous solider and folk hero who dreamed of an independent Texas. 

He promised to defend the freedom of Texas and was forced into a siege at The Alamo. Bombarded by heavy artillery, Crockett and his followers were forced into a hand to hand fight. They were relentless and chose to give their lives for a free Texas. 

Today these men are remembered everyday at The Alamo, where people from all corners of the world visit each day. 

San Antonio epitomises a modern day chapter of The Wild Geese story and illustrates the fact that THE WILD GEESE IRISH SOLDIERS & HEROES brand and the experience of Irish people are one and the same. 

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